Kent Swig and MFTA help education, arts and the environment

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Philanthropy is often at its best when businesses utilize their expertise and resources. Kent Swig, a real estate mogul and known philanthropist who won the 2005 Realty Foundation “Man of the Year” award, recently began using old furniture towards a good cause. Swig Equities partnered with Materials for the Arts (MFTA) – an organization that donates office material to arts and education programs with limited budgets. Already, Swig Equities has contributed over 230 office chairs, seven bookcases, five file cabinets, and ten platforms. Efforts such as these also reduce waste and greatly benefit the environment.


Kent Swig Honored by Association of Real Estate Women

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Kent Swig, President of Swig Equities LLC, as well as Co-Chairman of Terra Holdings, LLC was honored by The Association of Real Estate Women (AREW) on May 8th, 2008. Mr. Swig was recognized for his achievements in innovative development for the real estate industry. The women’s organization was celebrating its 30th anniversary with a gala at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Since The Association of Real Estate Women was founded in 1978 there has been a remarkable increase in women’s participation in the real estate industry. Mr. Swig’s honoring was one of many he has received from a wide variety of organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters of NY, Israel Bonds, and The Realty Foundation.

Kent Swig Receives Police Museum Award

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It’s hard to imagine that an individual who works in the hectic, non-stop, and competitive New York City real estate market would have the time or energy to give back to the community. For Kent Swig, giving back to the community is a necessity and he makes it a priority no matter how hectic his schedule.

On November 1st 2007 Mr. Swig, President of Swig Equities and Co-Chairman of Terra Holdings, was honored at the Police Hero Awards, an evening in tribute to New York’s finest. The event was co-chaired by Howard Safir and Robert Sorin and emceed by News Anchor Ernie Anastos.

The event supported children’s educational programs at The New York City Police Museum. The visitors to the museum are exposed to what it actually feels like to be a police officer in multicultural New York City. The museum illustrates life on the beat from the perspective of the mounted unit, the vice squad, hostage negotiations, and detective work.

A Window To The World of Modern Philanthropy

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It would be remiss to have a blog about modern philanthropy and not include a post about the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. When Bill Gates started his journey to becoming the worlds wealthiest man back in the 1980’s, he decided that the right thing to do would be to donate proceeds to charity. The company went public in 1994 and is run by Bill Gates and his wife Melinda French-Gates out of their hometown, Seattle, WA. The foundation sends its proceeds to Global Health Program, Global Development Program and United States Program. In 2006 the foundation teamed up with Warren Buffet, the man who fluctuates the title of “Worlds Richest Man” with Bill Gates himself.

Lori & Christopher Alf make hospital donation

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Lori & Christopher Alf have once again made a large philanthropic contribution. Their latest recipient was the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, to whom they donated state-of-the-art neonatal transport equipment for critically ill infants requiring high frequency ventilation immediately after delivery.

Larry Brilliant & plan their philanthropic future

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Dr. Larry Brilliant, head of Google’s philanthropic division,, will be stepping down as general manager, and will adopt the new quintessentially Googlian title of “Chief Philanthropy Evangelist”.

Taking his place will be Google’s vice president of new business development, Megan Smith, who will be taking on the additional role of general manager of’s innovations since its inception in 2004 have included technological breakthroughs such as Flu Trends, RechargeIT, Clean Energy 2030, and PowerMeter.

Brilliant has said that they still intend to stand behind their commitment made in 2004 to devote 1% of Google’s equity and profits to philanthropy.